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Friday, October 30, 2009

k-os at Drake's 23rd Birthday Party (Photo)

Last Saturday was Drake's 23rd birthday party in Toronto. Here is a photo of k-os and Zebroc. For more photos of the party CLICK HERE.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

k-os at Stay Gold Tonight


Last Gang Records (Presenter)

With DJ sets from George Strombolopolous (CBC), Michael Williams (MuchMusic), Your Boy Brian (More Proof), K-OS (Universal).


A monthly event series where trendsetters from all avenues come out to hit the decks and share their favorite tunes with fans and music lovers alike. Stay Gold gives party-goers the chance to be united with a rare line-up of tastemakers through their love of music, and is a nod to those who stay true to their craft.


The last Thursday of every month.


206 Beverley St (Btwn College & Dundas). A rental hall and a neutral venue.


At any given time, there is a multitude of local and international creative talent in Toronto – actors, fashion designers, tv personalities, recording artists, dj’s, producers, you name it.

Our aim is to consistently put together DJ/performance lineups that have never been seen before, and host them in a non-traditional venue with no pre-determined crowd. The common bond between them will be the ethos of the event; they all ‘Stay Gold’.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Shad and Champion Live Recording at Transmission

"This week's Sessions Podcast featuring the musical stylings of Shad and Champion is the second part of our show recorded live off the floor @ Victoria's Transmission Festival."

Monday, October 26, 2009

Shad Returns To New York City

Shad ( is quickly becoming one of Canada’s most respected young artists.
His sophomore record, The Old Prince, was received with top reviews by music critics
across the board, snagging a Juno nomination for Best Rap Recording of the Year and
securing a spot on the coveted Polaris Music Prize short-list. Shad will return to New
York on Wednesday November 4, 2009 to rock a show at Pianos (158 Ludlow).

Completing three national tours in 2008 and performing in 46 cities this summer on the
2009 VANS Warped Tour, Shad has over 200 live shows under his belt and looks most
comfortable when he’s in front of an audience. From the Hillside Music Festival to
Warped Tour to opening for Common and Lupe Fiasco, Shad is able to connect with
music lovers of almost any genre through his remarkable live show.

Shad broke ground with his 2005 independent debut When This is Over, earning praise for
its honest and clever lyrics and its distinct musical aesthetic. His sophomore release, The
Old Prince became an Internet hot-potato, received 10/10 on, and
equal comparisons to Kanye West and Common on

Shad’s skillful wordplay and smooth flow on The Old Prince, combined with his engaging
live shows, and four outstanding music videos (The Old Prince Still Lives at Home became
YouTube’s #1 featured video World Wide) have allowed Shad to develop tribes of
devout fans right across the globe.

With two slow-roasting classics under his belt, Shad continues to walk the humble path. He
appreciates the chance to make and share his thoughts through music.

Shad – Live at Pianos:
Wednesday November 4, 2009
Pianos (
158 Ludlow St. (at Stanton)
$10 Advanced Tickets, 21+

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Said The Whale and Shad: Gentleman Mash Up

What you have here is a mash-up of Said The Whale, MGMT, Holy F*** and Shad. According to @saidthewhale, this video was a leak. So enjoy it while it's up.

k-os ft. Saukrates: I Wish I Knew Natalie Portman (Trailer)

Earlier today, k-os released a very short trailer, of his newest music video, on Facebook. He stated that the video will be coming "sooooooon."

Now we have another thing to look forward to from k-os!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

k-os and Drake: "Faith" Premiered on Flow 93.5 (No Audio)

Yesterday, DJ Starting From Scratch from Flow 93.5 premiered a song that k-os has been talking about recently. The song is called "Faith" by k-os and Drake. Unfortunately, the radio rip of the song has not surfaced, but there has been rumours that someone does have it. On twitter, k-os (@koskhv) replied to @RealFrequency saying that the song was a "real exclusive" and that it "won't be out till Feb next year. "

If you have the radio rip please send it to me at jangalvez(at)fistfulofsound(dot)com.

Monday, October 19, 2009

New Drake and k-os Song this Week

k-os has currently mentioned on Twitter that his song with Drake, will be coming this week. Keep your eyes and ears open for this one.

Follow k-os at

Friday, October 16, 2009

k-os Rapping at The Bay!

k-os will go through with his dare on Monday, October 19th. Here is the sneak peak of him rapping at the Bay!
"Rapper k-os goes back to work in The Bay's toy department for his dare, as part of A Dare to Remember, a nationwide challenge to raise money for AIDS in Africa for the Stephen Lewis Foundation."

Thursday, October 15, 2009


CBC Radio 2, Canada's national music network, today reveals a blockbuster list of 65 Canadian singer-songwriters vying for the chance to immortalize Canadians' favourite places in song in the GREAT CANADIAN SONG QUEST. It's now up to Canadians to choose the artists and pick the spots to be forever commemorated in Canada's songbook.

Voters have from today until Friday, Oct. 23, at 12 a.m. ET, to choose from a shortlist of the most popular places from each province and territory, and the artists they'd like to see create the song for those locations, by visiting Once voting closes, the final 13 artists have four weeks to compose and record an original song, inspired by the most popular Canadian location from their province or territory.

"We can't wait to see the final list of locations and artists chosen by Canadians," said Mark Steinmetz, director of music programming, CBC Radio. "By inspiring these artists with Canada's special locales, we will create a distinctly Canadian playlist. This initiative is a great way for Canadians to share their collective passion for music and our country."

The GREAT CANADIAN SONG QUEST's artist line up was selected from Radio 2's playlist, and includes musicians representing Canada's regions and celebrated sounds. From musical icons to emerging stars, Canadians will choose from a vast range of styles-from urban beat and home-grown folk, to rich and nuanced world music. Artist bios and a selection of their work can be found at the Song Quest website through

The location short list is a result of the nominations submitted by Canadians over the past two weeks, through the GREAT CANADIAN SONG QUEST website, campaign-style blogs, Tweets and Facebook comments, and photo and video postings.

A full list of the 65 singer-songwriters participating in the GREAT CANADIAN SONG QUEST and short listed locations follows as an appendix.

CBC/Radio-Canada is Canada's national public broadcaster, and one of its largest cultural institutions. With 28 services offered on Radio, Television, the Internet, satellite radio, digital audio, as well as through its record and music distribution service and wireless WAP and SMS messaging services, CBC/Radio-Canada is available how, where, and when Canadians want it.

Via CNW Group

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Drake and k-os Collaboration?

Monday, October 5, 2009

k-os Played Monopoly with Real Money

If there's one core event at Nuit Blanche, a single signifying gesture indicating the collective mojo of the dusk-to-dawn art crawl and its 280 or so artists, it's found at Monopoly with Real Money (2009) by Iain Baxter&.

A swanky big money/big ego setting is provided for 30-plus local celebrities – urban studies theorist Richard Florida, rapper K-OS and model Yasmin Warsame, to name a few – who are taking part in six two-hour Monopoly games in the gallery of the TMX Broadcast Centre (the Exchange Tower, 130 King St. W.). Real Canadian currency will take the place of Monopoly money, should some spectators not notice the difference.

Read the rest of the article >>

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Shad: The Boogeyman - The Burn (Audio Download)

The Burn September 29th 2009

Blake Carrington feat. Rich Kidd & Kemikal – Everybody’s Watching
Mason Payne – DOTP
Drake feat. Kanye West, Lil Wayne & Eminem – Forever
Ian Kamau feat. The Real Voyce – Can’t Make You Love Me
K-os feat. Saukrates & Nelly Furtado – I Wish I Knew Natalie Portman
Shad K – Compromise
Shad K – Get Up
The Fugees – How Many Mics
NERD – Am I High
J Davey feat. Euclid – La La Land
Coyote feat. Rich Kidd – Me & You


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Shad @ The Transmission Festival (Audio)

The Transmission Festival was broadcast LIVE last night on CBC Radio 3 and it was hot! Some great dancing was to be had in Victoria as well as in living rooms across the country.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Shad K @ The Observatory (Photos)

While we showed up at different times, it didn’t take long for me and Vlad to find ourselves on the same page. The goal seemed pretty simple: Find a good setting, grab Shad and take some pictures. Not so. The Observatory is notoriously hard on photographers, and has been since I went to J school at Algonquin some years back. I’m not sure why, but they won’t let you shoot in there for any worthwhile period of time. So, of course, someone in the place, who Vlad reports looked like Peter Jackson (pre-gastric bypass surgery), got into Vlad for being too liberal with his camera and, as such, we were forced to take our party elsewhere. It was something of a headache pulling Shad out of his dressing room, bringing him back to the gig and then being told that we had to go somewhere else to take the shots we were after. But long story short: We went back to the room, set up, and were finished within minutes. As Shad is a post-graduate student working towards his MA in liberal studies, we thought it would be cool to set him up at a white board, looking like he was teaching a class. The end result? You tell us. The shots are posted and we definitely hope you enjoy them as much as we do. Talk to ya soon!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

k-os Takes a Dare

I'm doing a Dare for the Stephen Lewis Foundation!

During the week of October 17-25, I will return to work a shift as a salesperson in the toy department of a major department store... which was my first job as a teenager in Whitby!

But only if I raise $3,000.

The money will go directly to African grandmothers, children, and women – ordinary people who are doing extraordinary things to turn the tide of AIDS in Africa.

To donate online now, please select a donation amount from the "Sponsor Me" section of this page. It’s simple, fast and totally secure and will make such a difference to the incredible men and women transforming lives and restoring hope to communities in Africa.

So please dig deep and donate now.

Thank you!


Friday, September 18, 2009

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

UPTOWN THURSDAYS Present Shad with the Extremities



Canadian rapper Shad (Shadrach Kabango) exploded on the scene recently with both Polaris Music Prize and Juno Award nomnations for his sophomore effort The Old Prince.

Shad’s lyrical ability and smooth style have found him a fan in Chicago’s Common, with whom he has many similarities (he also considers Common one of the guiding forces in creating his approach to Hip Hop). The two emcees share a deep spirituality in their writing as well as a heavy interest in jazzy neo-soul. Before you can say “Emo Rap” though, Shad beats you to the punch in “Out of Love, Pt. 2” in which he parodies himself as a Vegan-eating, The Notebook-watching romantic. While he may make fun of himself a little for some D’Angelo-esque crooning, Shad seems unapologetic about the lack of “hardness” in his rhymes. And he should be. While some starry eyed “soft” rappers may have weak flow, Shad’s rhythm is as tight as a metronome. He may be an amorous dreamer who still lives with his parents, but there is nothing juvenile about his lyrics and delivery. The Old Prince may not be that old yet, but he already sounds like he has perfected his art.

For two founding members of the Halifax-based hiphop crew Backburner, Fester and Kils sure do have their work cut out for them. Crafting soul-drenched beats and cuts for Backburner affiliates More Or Les, Jay Bizzy, Wordburglar, Toolshed and Jesse Dangerously, and balancing engineering/production duties at CBC Radio, Fester’s become a veritable army of one behind decks of all shapes and sizes. While Kils’ freelancing the industry entrenched waters of Toronto has earned him stints with SoulClap Universal and EMI Publishing, including studio work with Ali Shaheed Muhammad (of A Tribe Called Quest), Fabulous, Sizzla, and Brassmunk among others. As the Extremities, this duo brings a unique blend of jazz, soul and hiphop to the stage, combining both live recordings, gnarly VST’s, and dusty sample-laden beats. Their skills are heavily flexed on their upcoming debut record “_________”, which began as a remix project for CBC Jazz Radio of the recently released “Tonic”, featuring Canadian jazz giant, Doug Riley among others. With nods from both the jazz and hiphop communities at large, The Extremities are poised for a Canadian sound system takeover. You’ve been warned…

8.00 advance
Or visit any of your local ticketpro locations:
- Alderney Landing Theatre (Dartmouth, NS)
- Ali's Northside Café (Halifax, NS)
- CD Heaven (Dartmouth, NS)
- Duly Noted Publishing (Halifax, NS)
- Greenlyph Computers (Halifax, NS)
- Halifax Forum (Halifax, NS)
- Linda’s Café & Variety Store (Dartmouth, NS)
- Newsbreak Cafe & News Stand - Ilsley (Dartmouth, NS)
- PSP Information Kiosk | Canadian Forces Base Halifax
(Halifax, NS)
- United Bookstore - Halifax (Halifax, NS)


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ten Things k-os Can't Live Without by Amy Verner

Ten things the self-described “neo-crossover rap ’n’ roller” can’t live without By Amy Verner

1. My go-to guide
The Origins of Virtue, by Matt Ridley, is a book about evolution, morality and the idea that we take a lot of our behaviour from the animal kingdom. A band is like a gang, and I found Ridley’s book taught me a lot about co-operation. I give it to friends starting businesses, so I keep having to buy it.

2. My Magic Bullet blender
My bandmates and I are trying to be a bit healthier on tour, so I bought this great little blender. Not all of the concoctions we mix are healthy, though. Our favourite drink is gin and Greens Plus, a nutrition supplement.

3. Dalpuri
Caribbean Roti Palace (744 Bath­urst St., 416-533-7466) has the best dalpuri in the city, hands down. It’s roti with yellow split peas, and it’s soft and amazing and only $2. I eat it “buss-up-shut,” which is a Trinidadian way of saying you want the roti shredded, with curry on the side.

4. My pencil
I always roll with a Staedtler HB. I had been writing rhymes on my computer and my BlackBerry, but some rappers and poets I know thought that was weird. So I bought some pencils at Curry’s Art Store on Queen. Now when I write out rhymes, there’s a sacredness to them; it’s more kabbalistic.

5. That ’70s Show
I watch it all the time. I appreciate the music and how defined the characters are. I think people chase the generations they were too young to experience. I was born in 1972, so for me, it was the ’70s.

6. My Levi’s jean jacket
I’ve had it for four years. Sometimes I’ll be in a cab heading out for the night, and I have to turn around so I can go back and throw it on.

7. My instruments
I have guitars and crazy drum machines. Everything’s in my bedroom at my condo, near Richmond and Portland. When I was writing Yes!, my new album, I’d get out of bed, watch TV, see something that disturbed me or that I really liked, and then just use my home studio.

8. The Bible
It’s the New World translation, which is the Jehovah’s Witness Bible. My father gave it to me, and I always take it on trips.

9. Musical inspiration
When I’m making a record, I listen to The Low End Theory by A Tribe Called Quest. I love the well-groomed, street corner call-and-response style on that album. It’s vulnerable, yet still Brooklyn B-boy to the bone.

10. Brut aftershave
It reminds me of my uncles, Lennox and Winston. When I was a kid, Uncle Winston would give me his keys and let me start the car and pretend to drive. So I started rocking it. I think I associate it with manhood.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ian Kamau: September Nine Mixtape Volume Two

First and foremost, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ian Kamau. Ian was featured in the outro of Shad's "The Old Prince." Today, he released his "September Nine Mixtape Volume Two." Very fitting being his 30th birthday and a very rare event where the date numbers, 09/09/09, line up. He wished to drop an album this day, but was unable to. So check out these mixtapes for the meantime.

Friday, September 4, 2009

New k-os Tour Dates

September 14, 2009
TIFF Party
606 King Street West
Toronto, ON

September 25, 2009
Rifflandia Music Festival
UVic Sub, Victoria, BC
11:30 PM

September 27, 2009
Rifflandia Music Festival
919 Douglas Street, Victoria, BC
11:30 PM

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pump It Up with k-os

Think you have Canada's loudest students?

Prove it and you could see K-OS in concert.

TD Canada Trust is bringing K-OS to play for 3 groups of Canadian students - one in the East, one in Central Canada and one in the West. If you want the students from your school to be among the winners of this TD Canada Trust Music Experience, you need to vote. Every time someone from your school votes with their cheer, it could push the volume louder and past the students from other universities and colleges in your region.

Plus you could win a VIP concert package, which includes tickets to the show, swag and more.
So vote for the students of your school, and tell your classmates that if they want to see the show,
you need to hear their cheer.


Rare k-os Songs

Gotta Love (1996)
This Track Was Released On The 1996 Test Press Along With The 3 Versions Of Rise Like The Sun, This Track Is Also Very Rare, Anyway Enjoy The Song I Know I Have.

Rise Like The Sun Doc Mix Part 3
Rise Like The Sun Doc Mix By K-os. A Pretty Rare Gem Been Looking For It For A Long Time Now Anyway Enjoy. By The Way This Was Released As A Test Press On The K-os Rise Like The Sun 12.
Props to Jsayman

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Blue Scholars ft. Shad: Dawn Song

Blue Scholars' album "Bayani Redux" was just released today. The Last song, Dawn Song, features Shad and was premiered a couple nights ago by DJ Hyphen.

You can buy the whole album or just the mp3 on Amazon or iTunes.

DJ Hyphen Premieres "Dawn Song" by Blue Scholars ft. Shad

Another fun week here on SNSS in the 206, peep the highlights:

  • Great music from the likes of Brother Ali, Balance, One Be Lo, Fresh Daily, Raekwon, Little Dragon, U-N-I, Mayer Hawthorne, Phonte, and more.
  • A world premiere for the new Blue Scholars track, “Dawn’s Song,” off the upcoming re-release of Bayani. The track features Shad, possibly my favorite MC in the entire industry right now. Yeah, I said it. Not familiar? Watch this and thank me later.
  • On a sad note, we have to give yet another RIP shout to DJ AM, easily one of the illest DJ’s and sneakerheads in the game. This summer has been rough.

Show #222 (8-30-09)

  1. Brother Ali – “Fresh Air”
  2. D. Black ft. Tiffany Wilson – “Touch The Stars” (Local Music)
  3. Balance ft. Freeway & Jay Rock – “We All In”
  4. One Be Lo ft. Mike Posner – “Pigs”
  5. Havoc ft. Lloyd Banks – “Bang, Bang”
  6. Rashid Hadee – “(See You In My) Nightmares”
  7. Fresh Daily – “Video Gaming”
  8. Peter, Bjorn, & John ft. Big Pooh, Phil Nash, & Chaundon – “Stay This Way (DJ Jazzy Jeff Remix)”
  9. Drake ft. Kanye West, Lil Wayne, & Eminem – “Forever”
  11. Pac Div – “Taste”
  12. Little Dragon – “Never Never”
  13. Mayer Hawthorne – “The Ills”
  14. U-N-I – “Calendar Girls”
  15. Kev Brown ft. Kenn Starr, Wayna, Raheem DeVaughn, & Eric Roberson – “The Hennessy Joint”
  16. Blue Scholars ft. Shad – “Dawn’s Song” (Local Music) (WORLD PREMIERE)
  17. Raheem DeVaughn ft. Ludacris – “Bulletproof”
  18. The Nope (Moka Only & Psy) – “Rain All Day” (Local Music)
  19. Raekwon ft. Cappadonna & Ghostface Killah – “10 Bricks”
  20. 14KT – “Black N Gold”
  21. Charlie Smarts – “Put You On”
  22. Marc Mac ft. Phonte – “Take A Trip”

Link to download the mp3 of the show –
(back up / streaming link –

If there are any problems with the links or if you’d like to be added to our weekly email list to receive the playlist and download links after every show, just shoot me an email,

For the complete article: The Audacity of Dope

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hey Ocean!: Fifteen Words (Official Music Video)

Official music video for Hey Oceans Fifteen words from their 2008 release Its Easier To Be Somebody Else.

Check out Hey Ocean on the web:

Video directed by Jeremy Regimbal and produced by

Friday, August 28, 2009

Louwop ft. Shad: One2Check (Live)

Live at the Gordon best in Peterbogough, Ontario

orig track featured on mixtape vol1

Available on

k-os: Crucial (Elementree Cover)

Elementree has a few covers of k-os' songs. Make sure to check him out on Myspace and YouTube.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Shad: Finished up with Warped and adds a few more tour dates

17 Sep 2009 20:00
The Marquee Club Halifax, Nova Scotia
19 Sep 2009 20:00
Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival Fredericton, New Brunswick
24 Sep 2009 20:00
Rifflandia Victoria, British Columbia
26 Sep 2009 20:00
The Gateway Calgary, Alberta
3 Nov 2009 21:00
Piano’s New York, New York

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Shad: "The Old Prince Still Lives At Home" Review by Matt Durham

Self deprecation has always been a part of certain strains of hip-hop. Among the waves of artists who rap about blunts, broads, and Bentleys, there has always been a select few whose subject matter has always leaned towards the simpler things in life.

Canadian rapper Shad has always fallen under the latter of these two groups, and his new single “The Old Prince Still Lives at Home,” is no exception. Rhyming over a minimal drum beat and bass grove, Shad outlines the life that he leads still living at home with his parents.

Shad sounds like artists from rap’s “Golden Age,” like Skee-Lo or Del tha Funkee Homosapien. The bragging and boasting in hip-hop that took over after this period has no place on this track. Instead, the subject matter is focused around how much Shad has to scrimp and save to get by, culminating with the statement that the rapper “couldn’t even afford the whole beat,” after a break in the music.

Songs like these represent the universality of hip-hop. For those who aren’t large fans of the genre, Shad offers clever wordplay and a few laughs, something that most anyone can appreciate. For connoisseurs of rap, Shad offers a welcome return to a more substantive period in hip-hop.

k-os: Remixes by The Geurilla Virus Project

The first two songs of the music player are the remixes of k-os' songs "Astronaut" and "Zambony."

Saturday, August 22, 2009

k-os: Sunday Morning (Rashawn Remix)

Here's a remix of k-os' "Sunday Morning" by Rashawn.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

k-os: I Wish I Knew Natalie Portman @ EdFest

k-os performs his latest single at EdFest on July 17, 2009

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

DJ Ilo: Hit the Road Crabbuckit (k-os and Ray Charles Mash-up)

I just found this mash up between k-os' "Crabbuckit" and Ray Charles' "Hit the Road."

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Old Prince [Re-Issue] 2009 Review by Sloane Daley

Titling your record The Old Prince is an interesting move, because while it places the album in the familiar hip-hop language of MC braggadocio in comparing one’s self to royalty, it already offers an intriguing level of contradiction. Upon spinning this record it might seem like a rather ordinary album of an underground rapper making social commentary over soul-influenced production. Nevertheless, Shad does challenge some fairly common assumptions in some subtle yet effective ways. Shad’s flow and wordplay are as confident as a veteran MC but it isn’t all showing and proving here as The Old Prince offers a lot of questions as it explores ideas of maturing and personal growth.

The requisite intro joint is an actual song rather than a useless bit, featuring a couple of verses that serve to introduce both Shad’s skills on the mic. The song serves as an introduction to his character as well as the themes discussed elsewhere on the album, such as spirituality and search for fame. “I Don’t Like To” kicks things off proper with a nice instrumental by producer Mantis, utilizing a twinkling piano cascading over shuffling drums that reminds me of something the Mountain Brothers would spit over. Shad’s first verse finds him in battle mode dropping amusing punchlines. The second verse, however, takes an unexpected turn focusing on illegal downloading and adapting and changing as an artist to fill that change in environment:

iTunes, eye-patch
I'm in the same boat where the pirates be
Tell'em I'm down with that pirate stee
They don't buy it, I say don't buy it -- pirate me
If it's ill, it'll spread virally
From my received folders to
Appearin' in the love that the crowds show
(shhh) if it sound dope -- keep it on the downlo(ad)
Keep it real, player / Real Player
With the volume cranked
And I'll be ballin like Tim Duncan - callin bank […]"
The verse really showcases one of the quirks of Shad’s rhyme style in his preference for playing homophones (or near homophones) off of each other. There is a fantastic self-reflexive quality in his use of changing words to fit unexpectedly into a technological lingo and his expression of the artist’s need to grow and change in the content of his bars.

It is kind of funny Shad should mention something going “viral” in that the concept of the video for the album’s single, “The Old Prince Still Lives at Home” seems like something out of a YouTube viral video craze with him placing himself into the role of Will Smith’s character of the opening credits of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The song itself is equally funny, Shad rapping verses about a man-child living with his parents way past his prime. Hilariously, the beat cuts out partway through and Shad explains that he couldn’t afford the whole beat and finishes that last verse with hand claps:
If you happy when you save 2 dollars a week
You steal your neighbors empty bottles
And keep all your receipts and only treat your girl
Yearly to McDonalds to eat
Don't be ashamed, pop your collars man - holler at me!
If ya'll are this cheap [...]"
Whether like in “The Old Prince…” Shad tackles lethargy, laments the struggle of black youth in a society that shows them limited options culturally in “Brother (Watching)” or talking about the poor state of his love life in “Out of Love Pt.2”, he does so with a sharp wit and careful attention to detail. Although there is a different producer for each track, that same attention to detail carries over to the production. Each song is interesting enough to stand out on their own, but supports the overall vibe of the album like the drum-driven “Exile” or the beautiful piano and string arrangement on “Three Years (Interlude).” This one of the finest hip-hop debuts I’ve heard in some time and one of the best albums I’ve heard in awhile period.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Shad: Warped Brings Him Back To Canada - Video and Photos

In this video Calgary welcomes Shad back to Canada by filling up the lawn right in front of the stage. I bet after the set, they were asking for an encore, like we did in Vancouver.

Finally, after a long time of not being able to go to any of Shad's performances in the past, due to age restrictions of the venues, I was able to catch this one. Although this was a short set, Shad was able to engage the crowd and build up the energy very quickly. The location of the stage was really bad too - almost hidden. Despite these hindrances, I can safely say that everyone who witnessed Shad's display enjoyed every bit of it.

I also had an opportunity of meeting Shad, G and DJ TLO that day in Vancouver. These guys are very chill, approachable and easy to talk to. Just wanted to say thanks for being very supportive of the blog.

Continue on the Quest For Glory!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

k-os: Interview in Gastown

Here is a great interview shot around Gastown in Vancouver, British Columbia. Once again, he draws us a picture of what and how he thinks. May I add that he looks like he is very happy and more joyous than I have before.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Weathering the Weather at Warped in Boise

The rain hasn't let up all day at the Boise, Idaho, stop of Warped Tour, so fans and bands have found ways to brighten their spirits.

Check out Shad, G, DJ TLO, and Alexisonfire go at it with a game Handball.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Regina Folk Festival Day 1: K-Os, Iron and Wine, Plants and Animals, Basia Bulat and more!

By Grant Lawrence

Closing the show was Canada's hip-hop hitmaker, K-Os. One is never quite sure what they are going to get from a K-Os set, but last night, he delivered a solid, energized set of his hits (including my fave, "Valhalla") while backed by a full band (featuring a couple members of Small Sins!)

The crowd was somewhat restless at first, as his set-up took the longest of any group of the night, but all was forgiven when K-Os took the stage in what may have been the largest red hoody of all time, a possible salute to Saskatchewan's proud bunny-hug culture.

Read the rest of the article HERE.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Word: k-os

A bit late but here is another interview of k-os talking about the Karma Tour.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Shad - Earwaks Profile

The biggest thing to come out of Canada since Pamela’s double d’s!” Although the hilarity of this punch line might be first to draw your attention, it should not serve to overshadow the claim made by the emcee that spit it. Shadrach Kabango, also known as Shad K, or increasingly these days as just plain Shad, has at the very least, made his presence well known in the Canadian hip hop scene over the last year and half. Since the initial quiet release of his “When This Is Over” album in 2005, Shad has steadily grown as an artist and a performer to the point where some critics in the Canadian music industry have directly called him out as one of the bright spots and true emerging talents in Canadian hip hop. CBC Radio 3 recently went as far as to say that “2007 is the year of Shad”. Whether that will be the case remains to be seen, but since exceeding everyone’s initial expectations, including his own, Shad has good reason to be confident in his future projects.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

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As it says above the music video for the single, "I Wish I Knew Natalie Portman", will be released in the near future. So watch out for that. Saukrates and Nelly Furtado will be featured in it, which is also directed by Little X. I wonder if this the video where k-os' biggest fan, winner of contest, makes his/her appearance.

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k-os Karma Tour Blog Intro

K-OS teamed up with the David Suzuki Foundation for a Cross-Country Tour of "pay what you want" shows. Helping to promote awareness on the state of the environment and spread some good Karma. This is an ongoing blog from the tour.
produced, directed, edited by: Jamie Tanner
I never seen this piece of footage before the his tour. I thought you might want to see it even though the tour is over.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Common - Be Intro (Shad Acoustic Cover)

Shad performed Common's Intro of the album "Be" at Harbourfront in 2007. Take note of the human beatbox changing it up to play the trumpet instrumental with his voice.

Kanye West: Champion (k-os Cover on Triple J)

k-os talks about how he was able to relate to Kanye's lyrics about his father in "Champion". He then performs his very own version Kanye West's "Champion" for Robbie, Marieke and The Doctor on Triple J. He starts out the verses with a few original bars from the track and then freestyles the rest. This video was uploaded last year on June 20. The short performance starts 1:47 in.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Shad: Warped Tour Photos

I don't know when these photos were taken, but they were uploaded on the 25th of July by Warped Tour . More photos from the festival on flickr.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Deraylor Music Festival Schedule Released

Thursday August 13

***K-OS (DJ SET)

Friday August 14


Saturday August 15


Monday, July 27, 2009

An Interview with Shad by Aaron Binder

By Aaron Binder
Photos by Mike Bax

During the more wily days of my youth, (yes, I have the unfortunate tattoo to prove it) I was against everything but punk-raaaawk. As time went on though, I found I was tempted by the delights of a much wider variety of musical tastes; their aromatic scents gracing my musical nostrils, enticing me, slipping sweet words into my ears, demanding that I try something other than the same bland white bread.

Inevitably, my high level of curiosity won out and I started listening to classic 80’s rap - Public Enemy, The Next School, Run-DMC, and way more. It started out as an experiment in exaggerated irony and ended with me really loving the rap genre by the time I was exiting my teenage years.

Jump forward a few years and I can probably tell you more about Easy-E than you ever wanted to know. On a recent music binge I was trying to search out some new tunes to groove to and found this young Toronto rapper by the name of Shad that had just recently released an album. Not only was the flow incredibly smooth, but the beats were introspective and the timing was an incredible thing to behold.

Fast forward a few months later and I found myself at Warped Tour and sitting across from this young guy. He seemed almost nervous, it was his first press day on the tour, and I was his first interview. Shad is obviously an intellectual, and his outward demeanour is relaxed even when he’s likely tense. His eyes are always focused on something, a distant goal, his next project, more than anything, success.

Here’s the conversation we had.

Aaron: You’ve been doing a ton of touring lately, lots of festival shows, how have they been?

Shad: It’s cool, it’s been cool. Festival shows, you never really know what to expect when you’re outside. I think people feel a little less inhibited when they’re outside, but it’s definitely been cool.

Aaron: Any good experiences with any bands? Is there anyone you’ve seen on Warped that you’ve really liked?

Shad: Ya know what; there’s been a whole bunch. A lot of the bands I catch are on my stage, a lot of them are really cool and really different. It’s been pretty dope.

Aaron: Just to go back a couple of years, you won a contest on a radio station. Where do you think you’d be without that?

Shad: Man, nowhere. I don’t know, it was a huge opportunity and I think I would have tried to seek out a way to record myself but it would have been a lot harder so I’m definitely grateful for that opportunity. But, sometimes it’s nice to have deadlines and stuff and things you need to have done, and people that are just forcing you to get it done.

For the rest of the interview CLICK HERE.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

k-os - Crabbuckit (Chad Doucette Acoustic Cover)

I came across this cover of Crabbuckit and I decided to share with you all. Enjoy!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Shad's Quest for Glory in Toronto - Video

Quest for Glory

The crew has also printed limited edition "The Old Prince Still Lives At Home" tees for the Warped Tour. If there are extras at the end of the tour, they will be put up on the online store.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Vote On The K-OS Merch Design Contest

The following are the top rated designs right now. CLICK HERE to start voting!

Happy Birthday Shad!

Happy Birthday Shadrach Kabango! The Old Prince turns 27 years young today. He is currently in Uniondale, New York and I am sure that he is getting extra love from the crowd today.

Congratulations on another year and hopefully there will be many more successful years to come.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Shad: Passion for Music [WFSL Interview]

Canadian artist, Shad, was recently on his "Warped" tour, where he went to numerous cities across North America to promote the US release of his second album "The Old Prince". He is currently WhatFeelingsSoundLike ( Artist of the Week. In light of this I, Beatwize, had the honor to have a chat with him.

Beatwize: Hey, Shad! Good to have you here. To start off, tell us a little about yourself.
Whattup! I'm a hip hop artist from London, Ontario. I've been fortunate enough to make 2 albums so far: When This is Over which came out in 2005 and The Old Prince in 2007.
Beatwize: You just finished the Warped Tour; how did that go?
Shad: It was a great experience and a great opportunity for us. Big shout to everyone who helped us out along the way!

Beatwize: For sure, I was so disappointed when I had to miss your Toronto show. What's your favorite city to perform in?
Shad: There's some towns in Canada - Guelph, Victoria, Peterborough; always a blast. So far San Fran and Hartford were a lot of fun too.

Beatwize: It must have been a struggle to strive in hip-hop music in a city like London, Ontario. How did you overcome these struggles?
Shad: I wouldn't really call it a struggle. Ever since I started out, the people in my hometown have been behind me which has been great. At the end of the day, getting to do something you enjoy and something that matters to you is such a blessing that you dont think too much about whatever challenges might be around.

Beatwize: Real talk. Your album "The Old Prince" has been acclaimed by pretty much everyone and it's one of my personal favorites as well. What were your inspirations during the making of this album?
Shad: Thanks man - I appreciate that. My main inspiration for that album was/is the daily struggle to be a certain kind of person. A more honest, more compassionate person. That's what the Old Prince is a metaphor for - spending your life in search of that 'quality of character' for lack of a better term.

Beatwize: You definitely did a good job of showing that on the album. It released in USA just a little while back (June 30th). That's a big gap between the Canadian release (October 2007). Does this mean we won't be seeing new Shad tracks for a while?
Shad: I plan on recording again when I get back from tour. Definitely itching to put some new ideas down!

Beatwize: That's great news! In 'I Don't Really Like To' you say "I'm down with that pirate stee..pirate me". Do you think piracy has a positive impact on lesser-known artists? Do you think it's particularly important for Canadian musicians?
Shad: I never thought about that connection. Maybe because we don't sell a lot of albums up here in Canada anyways, we dont care as much! I think overall I'm just looking to get my music out there to as many as might enjoy it.

Beatwize: Are there any Canadian artists you feel have paved the way for you?
Shad: I think theres been canadian hip hop artists going back to Maestro Fresh Wes that opened up Canadian audiences to hip hop music. More recently guys like k-os and Kardinal have been exposing the world to Canadian hip hop. Artists in the indie rock scene too that have changed the global perception of Canadian music recently - arcade fire, broken social scene, etc...

Beatwize: Any Canadian artists you've been wanting to work with?
Shad: Lots. I dont do too many collaborations - mostly just 'cause they're annoying to coordinate - but theres lots of Canadian artists that I love listening to: k-os, Feist, Chad Vangaalen, Shaun Boothe, City and Colour, just to name a few.

Beatwize: I personally would love to hear a Shad/k-os collaboration, and I'm sure most of yours and his fans would too! How about outside of Canada? What artists do you look up to and what artists would like to/would have liked to have worked with?
Shad: I respect Lupe Fiasco's music a lot. Mr J Mederios put out a great album a little while ago too many to name!

Beatwize: Lupe is definitely one of the best out. My favorite tracks from you are probably 'Exile' and 'Voice Like an Angel'. What song of yours do you personally think is your best?
Shad: Thanks! Angel is definitely one that took some time for me to pin down. Off the last album, thats probably the deepest one for me. Tough question...I'd probably go with Angel though 'cause I worked pretty hard on that one.

Beatwize: Anything else you would like to say?
Shad: Thanks for the time and the support! Peace!
Props to Beatwize. Make sure to check out his dope blog!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Shad Freestyling in Toronto - Video

At the Toronto stop of the Warped Tour, Shad goes from "I Don't Like To" to his freestyle at 2:18 in the clip.
Thanks to katiebaby00x for the video.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Shad, k-os, and Hey Ocean! Performing During Kokanee Crankworx

Deraylor Music Festival will rock Whistler ‘s hottest venues during Kokanee Crankworx

August 13 -15 2009, Whistler, BC,

Featuring over 45 bands and DJ’s from around the globe, The Deraylor Music Festival will live and breathe the lifestyle that surrounds the world’s most renowned mountain biking festival, Kokanee Crankworx. For the first time, Whistler’s hottest music venues and nightspots are working closely with Deraylor’s producers to host a unique music line-up from the 13th to the 15th of August.

“The goal is to turn the old music festival format on its head by creating a multi-venue, wristband festival that will establish Whistler as a great destination for local and international music events,” says Tyl van Toorn, co-founder and Executive Producer of the Deraylor Music Festival.

The Deraylor line-up includes artists such as K-OS, DOA, USS, Mother Mother, Shad, Long Walk Short Dock, Felix Cartel, Bison, Shad, Jets Overhead, Wood & Soo, DJ Bryx, Said the Whale, Current Swell and Hey Ocean. Full line-up and schedule can be found at

Deraylor is featuring its lineup in Whistlers best venues including the Longhorn, the GLC, Tommy Africa’s, Maxx Fish, Mojo’s, Garfinkel’s and Merlin’s. “This year’s event is about offering a great line-up and creating a great experience for attendees,” says Deraylor Co-producer Nick Blakso. “We want to ensure that fans will have access to more artists and venues than any other past experience.”

And the price is right. A $35 wristband will grant exclusive access to all concerts taking place in participating venues. “I have never been more excited”, says van Toorn. "We have been involved in producing music in Whistler for over a decade and I have never seen more people come together to build a great event. There is something really exciting and unique about having just about every live venue and bar in town working together to create such a unique experience. "

Deraylor will be THE party in Whistler village from Aug 13 -15 and create a unique music experience for everyone coming up to party during Kokanee Crankworx. "The Deraylor Music Festival is a fresh new platform for music in Whistler." says Kokanee Crankworx GM, Jeremy Roche. "We are very excited to be working with some dynamic, experienced progrmming partners on a concept that we are sure will be an amazing addition to the Kokanee Crankworx Festival."

Admission to all shows by Festival Wristband Only and are subject to age (19+) and capacity restrictions.
Tickets are available online at and at the following locations
Vancouver- Zulu Records, Beat Street Records and Scratch Records
Whistler- Showcase Snowboards

Visit or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information
Full schedule will be released on July 17th.

Friday, July 10, 2009

k-os - Man I Used To Be (Extended Dance Sequence)

Embedding code was disabled for the video. CLICK HERE to watch it.
Choreographed by Victor Quijada

Edited by Micah Meisner

Performed by Jayko Eloï & Victor Quijada

Commentary by K-OS
Although RUBBERBANDance Group members had appeared in previous K-OS music videos and onstage at his concerts, this was the first formal choreographic collaboration that transpired between Quijada and the Juno Award winning rap artist. The central mens duet was originally conceived for the RBDG full length piece SLICING STATIC and restaged for the award winning music video directed by Micah Meisner.

Man I Used To Be was the very first song and music video I heard and saw from k-os. This was a life changing point in my life. With his philosophical lyrics, the way I thought changed completely.