Thursday, May 28, 2009

Shad and k-os Have Been Nominated for Multiple MMVAs

Video Of The Year
> k-os (Crown Loyalist Records/Universal Music)
4, 3, 2, 1
Director: Drew Lightfoot, k-os
Producer: Natalie Galazka
Production Company: Revolver Film Company

Cinematographer Of The Year

> k-os (Crown Loyalist Records/Universal Music)
4, 3, 2, 1
DOP: André Pienaar
Director: Drew Lightfoot, k-os
Producer: Natalie Galazka
Production Company: Revolver Film Company

Muchvibe Hip Hop Video Of The Year

> k-os (Crown Loyalist Records/Universal Music)
4, 3, 2, 1
Director: Drew Lightfoot, k-os
Producer: Natalie Galazka
Production Company: Revolver Film Company

> Shad (Black Box/Fontana North)
The Old Prince Still Lives At Home
Director: HotDogGarbage
Producer: Katherine Wilson
Production Company: The Field Inc.

Videofact Indie Video Of The Year
> Shad (Black Box/Fontana North)
The Old Prince Still Lives At Home
Director: HotDogGarbage
Producer: Katherine Wilson
Production Company: The Field Inc

k-os - 4 3 2 1

Shad - The Old Prince Still Lives At Home

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

k-os Live On Drive!

The man was in the Drive studio with a live set-up - Sartosh Naidu playing Tablas and Congas, Thomas D'arcy (of the band Small Sins) on bass, Steve Krecklo (also of Small Sins) on guitar, and K-OS at the mic and on keys. They gave us two incredibly unique versions of "4321" and "Burning Bridges" both off his new disc Yes!.

Take a listen HERE.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Sunday Morning (Twilight Remix)

The New k-os

By: Cheryl Stornelli

Look a little closer at the songs, inspirations and lyrics of k-os, and you'll see he's taken giant steps forward since the beginning of his career when it comes to displaying his many sides to the world. Spouting off melodic words about life and love, rapping and ranting, this artist has clearly had many impacting influences in his life.

The theme of k-os' latest album Yes! is that of a character who puts himself into a corner with a guitar – an image similar to some of the album art. K-os adapted this theme from the contrast between his brothers' lives and his own.

"They're fairly domestic dudes with wives and two daughters," he explains. "I see that and start to think to myself, ‘What are you gonna do now? Ever get married? Start a family?' I do know music is what I love most but how far will I take it? Am I sacrificing too much to do music?"

The album is titled YES! because yes is the answer to his questions about the path he's on. "I am very happy that I'm sacrificing those things," he admits. "It's a fun experience; that's the bottom line. May not have what I could have, but I knew that going in. My music totally consumes me. Thank god I'm still making records and to still be here is almost more fun than in the beginning."

Having grown as an artist from previous releases, k-os delivers tracks on YES! that show him as self-assured and confident. Having written "Zambony" first of the tracks on ther record, k-os says the song brought out a lot of the frustrations he'd been feeling for the past two years and hadn't expressed.

"There's a spellbinding power in hip hop to see how you feel and have it fit using the English language. There's a lot of power describing a problem and it being over it in a minute. It's the best feeling in the world to alleviate stress with music," he explains.

K-os says he wrote about mythology, life situations, new age – basically someone else's – on his first two records. It might have been the result of growing up in a suppressed religious family. But, at some point, he realized, music needs to come from personal experiences and be your own.

For the whole interview CLICK HERE.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Throwback: Review of The Old Prince by RapReviews

Shad :: The Old Prince
Author: Pedro 'DJ Complejo' Hernandez

The concept of "The Old Prince" is one that we can all relate to and understand. To sum it up, princes aren't supposed to be old because they are supposed to become kings before they become old. Applied universally, the idea is that we all want to do great things and as times passes we become impatient and begin to wonder whether our time has passed. Shad's album captures his own conflict with the idea of being an old prince. Every rapper goes through a period of time where they wonder whether they will ever make it big time and even consider giving up on the dream. This insecurity has been touched upon by other rappers, but never with the passion and appeal shown by Shad. Shad's ability to relate his own triumphs and insecurities to the rest of us allows him to create one of the best albums released in the past year.

The album kicks off with a short interlude where the story of "The Old Prince" is told and then Shad kicks his first verse:

"Brother please, no more Pamela Lees, let's set it straight
I'm the biggest thing out of Canada til Quebec separate
And I never medicate so y'all feel me if I'm ill like a lump
Some dudes used to burn down trees and now they stumped
By the simplest questions and everything they think is deception
As they sink in depression, no telling where our life's heading
I'm light headed from stress where I write hooks like a fight method
Like credit I'm indebted from my misuse
My life like a magazine, got so many issues
God edits the stories, still trying to find the father like Maury
He ain't with the stars like Tory
Spellings, spell it out like NORE
On a quest for glory"

Instantly you can tell Shad is something special on the mic as he mixes humor, punch lines, and emotion in a way few emcees are able to. On top of that the man has a great voice and precise flow that ensure you understand every word he spits. The intro is only the beginning as Shad hits us with track after track of great, meaningful music. "I Don't Like To" finds Shad indulging by giving in to the temptation of showing off his mic skills dropping dope lines like "y'all stay second rate Chingys at the quality inn." "What We All Want" is a soulful and honest song dedicated to the universal aspirations that fuel our everyday struggle. "Brother (Watching)" is a heartfelt exploration of being Black in our society as Shad hits upon the evils of stereotypes, both as they hold down Black youth and at the same time pressure them to live up to those stereotypes:

"I try to hold some hope in my heart for these African youths
Coming up where I'm from, many traps to allude
Surrounded by mostly white and affluent dudes
And somehow you expected to have mastered the smooth
Swagger, and move with the right walk, the right talk, fashion and crews
So suddenly attacked and abused
And what's funny is being Black wasn't cool
Where I'm from, til suddenly you started hearing rapping in school
Hallways, amidst this madness I grew
With a knack for amusing through this little skill for rapping at dudes
And we all like to laugh at the truth
But when you young and the same facts pertain to who you rapping them to
Well I opted not to bring that to the booth
But after a while it sort of starts nagging at you
The crazed infatuation with Blackness is tragic in view
The fact that the tube only shows Blacks acting a fool"

The emotion and energy Shad puts into every song forces you to take his music just as seriously as he does. Just as Shad is able to address deep topics, he also easily is able to make you laugh at the lighter side of life. "The Old Prince Still Lives at Home" is one of the funniest rap tracks ever laid down as Shad talks about being broke. The comedy reaches its climax when the beat drops out and Shad raps A cappella because he couldn't afford the full instrumental. "Out of Love Pt. 2" is another entertaining track where Shad lets us know he's had his fair share of struggles with the ladies. The album ends just as strongly as it begins as Shad continues to lay down amazing tracks. "I Heard You Had a Voice Like An Angel/Psalm 137" is a religious themed track addressing the evils and temptations that can lead to the downfall of any prince. "Compromise" instantly shoots you out of the serious lull of the previous track as Shad tells you to never compromise and continue doing you. "Get Up" is the last song on the album and ends on an appropriately triumphant note.

From start to finish, "The Old Prince" is one of the best albums to have come out in 2007 – an amazing achievement for a relatively unknown rapper and a testament to the passion and love Shad infuses into his music. Shad is the most talented newcomer I've come across in quite awhile. Shad's talent transcends the basics of being able to rap well as he is able to create full songs that are as catchy as they are engaging and meaningful. His skills on the mic are so impressive that he could rock over the wackest of beats and still sound dope. Thankfully, he's assembled a crew of producers that are just as outstanding as he is. Every track on "The Old Prince" has a beat that is as compelling and musically pleasing as Shad is on the mic. Though Shad only set out to tell us his story on this album, he ended up showing us that not only is his time as king here, he is a more than worthy candidate to lead hip-hop into the future.

Music Vibes: 10 of 10 Lyric Vibes: 10 of 10 TOTAL Vibes: 10 of 10

Friday, May 22, 2009

k-os on The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos

CLICK HERE for the video.

About this Video:

k-os was born in Toronto and grew up in Whitby, Ontario. His parents raised Kevin as a Jehovah's Witness, where his father was a minister. So, Kevin went to church three times a week until he was 17. After that, he went to university, studied a number of subjects including music theory and dabbled in creating his own music. That led to a grant for a video and by the early 90's, he'd released a few singles. But Kevin was unhappy with the musical style and took some time off. By 2002, he released his debut record, a mostly rap centric album called 'Exit.' Two years later, he hit it big with his hip hop follow up album 'Joyful Rebellion' and 'Rolling Stone' called him a 'destined superstar'. Now, he's back with another record called 'Yes!'

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Order in k-os: The Evolution of an Ethos

HipHopCanada: You've got a lot of new projects coming out these days: not one but two new albums, both on your own label Crown Loyalist Recordings through Universal Music Canada, right?

k-os: Right. That actually is more of a form of evolution than anything else. I've been signed to major labels since 1998, that's when I got my first deal with Capitol. So it's been ten years and I went from EMI to Universal last year and before I did that I was talking to EMI about the same thing and everyone agreed that it was time for me, now that I understood how to make records and had made four of them, that it was time for me to start doing my own thing. At that time when I was at EMI there was a young man named Shawn Hewitt, he had a record coming out and that was going to be the first thing on the label but unfortunately when I left EMI that meant that I wouldn't have that. He toured with me for two or three years, so if you want to talk about vision or the type of bands that I would find etc, it would be guys like that. Guys I've been on the road with or friends or people whose music I've been watching for a while. That was a vision to create something where I could be director of my own destiny and then eventually down the road I'd sign bands, but for now it's a way for me to protect what I make and what I write. The vision is to make sure with Crown Loyalist, and the name kind of infers it, just to stay true to my artistic ideals and attract artists whose task it is to, within this pop world, still remain loyal to the roots of their music and their own artistic vision and try to be as original as possible.

HipHopCanada: Cool man, your new album YES! has recently come out and it's your fourth studio album: where do you see the greatest progression, or evolution as you had mentioned, musically in your new album?

k-os: It's going to be hard for me to put my finger on that 'cause I don't know musical theory but my knowledge of that stuff, without actually learning anything about it at all formally, has gotten better. Arrangement maybe, that's what I actually had the most fun doing is arranging pieces of music. After it's written or after it's taken its form I'll spend days and days and days just trying to arrange it in an interesting way but still keep it three and a half minutes, keep it as a tight dose. But to me arrangement this time around is what, if you listen to the songs, makes it seems different but at the same time there's old tricks of the trade which make something so different just seem standard if you arrange it a certain way.

HipHopCanada: You've got a lot of instrumentation on YES!, more sitar and tabla-

k-os: Santosh has played with me since the beginning so we've always had tabla and all that. Using guitars to sound like the sitar was kind of our thing back on [Joyful Rebellion], like on "Crabuckit" and "Man I Used to Be" and I took a break from then when I did Atlantis and was investigating some more rock sensibilities but yeah, that's definitely back so you'll notice that for sure.

To read the rest CLICK HERE.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Rock and Roll is Good for Kids Presents Shad

We're your friends and we're tying to do something wonderful and important in 'no fun city' and we need your help!

Rock and Roll is Good for Kids (RRGK) is a non-profit group committed to improving the lives of children in East Vancouver by raising funds and supplies for safe and fun after-school environments with an emphasis on the arts.


SHAD (Juno nominated/Polaris shortlisted) (

With DeeJays:

(doors at 8.00 PM)

The goal of this year’s concert is to provide funding and supplies to support an already existing community program in east van, 'Camp Grace'. It's one of four camps under the Urban Promise umbrella (one of which is facing closure due to lack of funding). The kids are picked up from schools (including Queen Victoria, Grandview Elementary, and Lord Nelson) and given leadership, healthy food, indoor/outdoor activities, and tutoring. The children that attend are extremely diverse; many are First Nations and some with special needs.

A primary goal of RRGK is to supply music and art supplies to this camp as these kids, more than anyone, need these vital positive outlets.

As a community we can create societal awareness of the importance of art and music in the lives of children and the social responsibility we all share of providing the necessary means to enrich them!

We all know that the government's lack of funding towards childcare/arts/music is a joke and hopefully we can draw more media attention to this aweful [sic] neglect.


This show will be the most amazing kick-off to summer imaginable. Save the $$ you were going to spend on nudie jeans, pbr's, and records and come down to the ASTORIA SATURDAY JUNE 6TH... bring the 3rd string acoustic guitar you never use.. the recorder you haven't touched since you learned how to play 'hot cross buns' in grade 2.. or anything else on the wishlist (see below) and you may get a sweet door discount.

IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS or would like to DONATE $$$ or ANY RELEVANT SUPPLIES, SERVICES, or TALENTS feel free to contact us:

Directors of RRGK
Adrienne Grant and Christopher Burnside




(Generously created free of charge by Storyboard Integrated Marketing and Design)

Monetary donations
Musical instruments
Art supplies (paints, colouring books, threads, glitter etc.)
Models to build (eg. model cars, boats, planes)
Wooden projects to build
Socks for children
Children's books
Sports supplies (balls, frisbees, skipping ropes, hockey sticks etc.)
Basketball Hoop

More Artwork from Pixel Flex (Tim Lum)

Real Recognize Real

I Want A Clair(e) Huxtable

Nuclear K-OS

Earlier I posted the production of Tim Lum's first commissioned artwork, "Now A Daze". He is currently working on Project 365 {2009}. Each day, Tim Lum will be taking a photograph for whole year.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The End of Yes! Karma Tour - Photos

May 16, 2009 - The Cunard Centre - Halifax, Nova Scotia

Photos by Richard Lann

Let's keep the karma going by continuing to support our Canadian artists.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

US Artwork for The Old Prince Released

Front Cover

Back Cover

Just as a reminder, "The Old Prince" will be released in the States on June 30th. Shad will also be performing at Astoria, Vancouver, BC on June 6th.

k-os @ L'Olympia de Montreal - Photos

May 14, 2009 - L'Olympia - Montreal, Quebec

Photos via davidcwong888

Friday, May 15, 2009

Shad - Prelude presents "Prelude," a short film from Shad and Christopher Mills!

This short film is the prelude to the Compromise video. The track, which is the outro on The Old Prince, was written and performed by Kamau. Stay tuned for release of the already shot Compromise music video.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Shad-K Interviews Classified, Mic Boyd, Chad Hatcher, J- Bru and DJ IV

This interview is brought to you by The Come up Show.
Where That Feel Good Music Lives, Real Recognize Real.

Shad-K takes my microphone and starts interviewing the whole Half-Life crew. Shad-K asks them who can eat the mic, who has the best voice in hip-hop, who are the best producers in Canada and so much more!!!!

- Adulis Mokanan

Shad - "Quest For Glory"

"Quest for Glory" is the first track from "The Old Prince". This is the most recent video from Jeremy Starcok. He has a couple more videos of Shad and you can check them out HERE.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

k-os Playing PGR4 on Xbox LIVE

Yesterday, a few people on twitter made posts about playing Project Gotham Racing 4 against k-os on Xbox LIVE. This was possible through "Game with Fame," where you can play your favourite online games against celebrities. How would you match up against your favourite aritsts, athletes, and actors? You can find out upcoming scheduled Game with Fame dates HERE.

Monday, May 11, 2009

iLIKE: Shad by Promise

Author: Tanya M. Fowlow

iLIKE (no relation to will be where you can find out who/what Promise likes. If you never knew before you know now Shad K is one of Promise’s favorite emcees. Recently iPROMISEMUSIC caught up with this talented artist for an exclusive interview in which Shad talks about winning $17,000.00 in a talent contest, securing a Juno nomination, Vans ‘Warped’ Tour and more!

Shad 101: “I’m a hip-hop artist. I grew up in London, Ontario but I live in Vancouver now. I’ve put out a couple of albums; the first one independently in 2005 and that gave me the opportunity to just get started, play some shows and kinda start to build. I released a second album with an independent label called Blackbox Records and that’s allowed me to continue to move forward career wise and just share some more music.”

Was music always the career of choice?: Absolutely not! I never really thought it was a viable option, and I also never really assumed people would take to what I do. I knew it was somethin’ I really enjoyed from a self-expression point of view and from a creative challenge as well, but it was never anything I assumed other people would take to the point where I could make it a career. I’ve been pleasantly surprised”.

Getting schooled: “My first degree was at a time where I finished high school and it was time to move on and do something else, and at the time university is what made sense. I was pursuing music while I was in school there it was something I wanted to complete and I had the time to complete it. This degree, my current one, is really just something that I enjoy. I enjoy it like I enjoy music and it’s not something I’m doing with any specific career intension. It’s just something that I didn’t get to do in undergrad. When I’m not on tour I have time to do it and I just like it. It’s not always easy but so far so good. I’ve been able to make it work but I had to take the fall term off to tour, and this term I was able to plan shows so I was mostly playing on weekends and stuff. I just kinda play it by ear and I keep the school part-time so I can manage stuff. I take it a couple months at a time and so far it’s worked out”

Inspired: “I hate to be cliché but my inspiration just comes from life; everything that goes into my life like thought, reflection, prayer and meditation, just thinking about life and what it is in me to express and how to do it in a way that’s creative, honest and fun. It’s music so there’s always that aspect of the raw inspiration of the moment and the musical energy that comes out when you’re in the studio or listening to tracks and that sorta thing – that’s kinda spontaneous energy.”

And the winner is…: “There was a radio station called 91.5 ‘The Beat’ in Kitchener-Waterloo and they had an unsigned talent competition. The winners got like $17,000.00 to record an album. Normally I’m not one for talent contests and that kinda thing but it was a great opportunity because I was sitting on some material I really wanted to record. Because I’m so lazy [laughing] I really wasn’t going to send anything in but my sister did it for my birthday present. I was really fortunate and things worked out and really that’s how I got to record.”

For the complete article CLICK HERE.

New Music Video from Hey Ocean!

Official music video for Hey Ocean's "Too Soon" from their 2008 album "It's Easier To Be Somebody Else".

Pop Machine/Fontana North

Directed By: Justin Tyler Close
The Studio Movement Inc.

Hey Ocean! would like you to vote for their new music video, "Too Soon", for Much More Top 10. You could also vote for k-os' "4 3 2 1". To vote CLICK HERE.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Behind the Turntables

More than not, DJs have been neglected from the praise given to the overall performance. So I will use this post to give a little background on DJ lil Jaz and DJ TLO who keep the wax spinning behind k-os and Shad, respectively.

DJ lil Jaz (

DJ Lil Jaz joined the faculty of The Royal Conservatory of Music in 2003, founding DJ Fundamentals: Scratch from Scratch - the first DJ class of its kind in Canada.

Currently, Jaz is touring with K-OS on the Yes! Karma Tour. Jaz first collaborated with K OS on the Joyful Rebellion release, providing scratches on the songs "Papercuts" and "Love Song". Jaz continued this relationship by joining K OS' live band as his DJ and keyboard player. The band saw much success in 2005 as they helped push the album to a near double platinum milestone in Canada.

From 2001 - 2005, Jaz collaborated with Nelly Furtado on stage and in the studio. Whether it was touring worldwide, providing scratches for songs, or producing music, he was an integral part of Nelly's first two multi platinum releases, Whoa! Nelly and Folklore.

Jaz has been a serious presence in Canada's DJ scene for over 12 years, helping cultivate the near non-existent turntablist scene in Canada over a 6 year competition career and alongside his crew members DJ Grouch and DJ Scratch. Together they were known as Turnstylez. Revered by DJs across the country, Jaz continues to open new doors in the scene as a teacher in the Urban Music & Technology department at The Royal Conservatory of Music Community School.

Competition Stats:
1st I.T.F. (International Turntable Federation) Western Hemisphere Championships, (N.Y.C.), Team Category, 1998
1st I.T.F. World Beatjuggling Champion 1999
1st I.T.F. Western Hemisphere Eliminations, (N.Y.C.) Beatjuggling Category, 1999
1st D.M.C. Canadian Finals, 1998
1st D.M.C. Toronto Finals, 1998
1st D.M.C. Toronto Finals, 1997
1st D.M.C. Toronto Finals, 1996


Based out of Toronto, Canada comes DJ TLO - Raised from the DJ culture during the golden era of DJ battles in the late 90's in Toronto, TLO now embarks on his recording journey. He is known for his musical and harmonic style of mixing. After achieving success in the battle circut, winning a national title and representing Canada at the DMC world Finals in London UK in 2007, he continues to enter DJ competitions while venturing into the creation of an instrumental / cut up album comprised of his; production skills, scratching and mixing.


- Scribble Jam DJ Champion
- Toronto DMC Champion

- DMC Canadian Supremacy Head-to-Head Champion
- Montreal DMC Champion
- Canadian National DMC Runner-Up
- Toronto turntablist of the year

- DMC Toronto Runner-Up
- DMC Canadian Final Four (Supremacy)
- Flow 93.5 T.I.P. DJ/Mix Champion

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sound Bite from the Kenai Andrews Interview with k-os

Near the end of March I posted the written article of Kenai Andrews interview with k-os (k-os Recalls Chaotic Mania Moments). The sound bite was released on Youtube a month ago, but I just came across it today. Enjoy the conversation about wrestling.

k-os Also Needs Votes to be Nominated for Favourite Canadian Video

k-os' music video, 4 3 2 1, is up for to the people to vote into nomination. Voting closes soon so get your votes in.

MMVA's date has been scheduled on Sunday, June 21, 2009

Friday, May 8, 2009

Help Shad Get Two Nominations for the MMVAs!

Shad is in the wild card position for Favourite New Artist and Favourite Music Video. The first four nominees of each category were was chosen by Much Music. There is a wild card position and Shad needs your votes to be nominated. Go to and submit your votes. Copy the link and send it to your friends. He has given us great music, so let's do our part and help him out! We don't have much time to vote for the last position. The official voting for the award is going to start on May 20.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Exploring a New State of 'Yes!' Karma with k-os by Reg Seeton

What you hear and see of k-os from his music is your own perception. Some people look at the sky and see it for what it is, a blue sky. Others, however, will look at that blue sky and say it's green. Others would argue there is no sky at all. That's just the way life rolls. People are weird, and life is strange. Is k-os simply hip-hop, or is he strictly rap? If the sky doesn't exist, why does it matter?

Now on his experimental pay-by-donation Karma tour to promote his recently released album, Yes!, the first k-os studio album since the 2006 release of Atlantis: Hymns for Disco, the Toronto raised k-os has reached a significant fork at the road of his career as a passionate, outspoken, mature and evolving artist. Much in the same philosophical way that Marvin Gaye freed himself of certain restrictive boundaries in 1971 to chart a new course in his career to explore his soul, with the release of his fourth album, Yes!, k-os has shaken the constrictive forces of the media and the stereotypical sins of perception that have nailed many an artist to a musical cross.

After watching k-os perform a potent two-hour, 23 song set at The Commodore Ballroom on April 30, free to fans by way of pay-by-donation and his new touring belief in good Karma, it was clear that k-os is more at ease with his music and himself. In fact, at this stage of his career, k-os is a wiser, creatively free force of hip-hop, rap, rebellious acoustic reggae, rock and electronic synth, with slight shades of punk, all within a goldmine of soul. On stage, the 2009 k-os of Yes! is even more experimental in his artistic expression than in live years since his breakout 2002 debut, Exit, blending not only rap, hip-hop, and soul with old school samples and rhymes but also various cultural percussions, beats and strings that reflect a more diverse and mature evolution that pushes the boundaries of categorization, as you can hear in the Yes! tracks, "Astronaut" and “Mr. Telephone Man,” which, for those old schoolers who may be wondering about the title, isn’t a cover of New Edition. Interestingly, at the very end of the track is where you’ll find a sincere and candid k-os who briefly bears his acoustic soul.

To continue the interview CLICK HERE.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I Don't Like To (Ghostface Kilobyte Mix)

I Don't Like To (Ghostface Kilobyte Mix)

When I first heard this mix, I couldn't help but putting it on repeat. It definitely adds to the playfulness of the lyrics. To download CLICK HERE.

More Information on Opening Acts for the Rest of the Yes! Karma Tour

Flash Lightnin'

Toronto May 9
Ottawa May 13


Montreal May 14
Halifax May 16

At this moment, there isn't an opening act for the concert in London, Ontario.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Kind Words from Kevin Lyman (Creator of Warped Tour )

I was in New York the week of CMJ this year and was having Italian food with some friends and when I was leaving saw some people I knew walking into a club.

I asked who was playing and they said this great artist out of Canada who I should check out. I remembered the name because my friends Andy and Ryan had told me about this guy. It is Amazing how in New York you can just wander into one of the best live shows that I had seen in a long time.After the show I hung out and talked with him on the street and had a great discussion and afterwards decided then and there I would have to try to get him on this year's tour.I would like to welcome Shad to this year's Vans Warped Tour.
- Kevin Lyman

If you haven't gotten your tickets to Warped Tour get them HERE.

Shad and Quest Poetics Live @ WSSF Main Stage Performing "Rock to It"

A little more than a week ago Shad performed at the Telus World Ski and Snowboard Festival in Whistler, Vancouver. Shad was accompanied by Randy Ponzio (Quest Poetics), who is an owner, producer and chief engineer, located in Vancouver. Quest Poetics was playing the bass at the time, but from other videos he also beatboxes, sings, raps, plays the guitar, and most likely a lot more. Just below will be another tribute video of Shad's "Rock to It".

For more info and works on Randy Ponzio:

Sunday, May 3, 2009

k-os @ Croatian Cultural Center - Pics

If you have a Facebook account, you can check out more pics HERE.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Shad will be Performing at Astoria in Vancouver June 6th

Nestled on east Hastings, neighboring Strathcona, and across from the Hastings public sauna is the Astoria hotel, an old brick heritage building with a whole lot of history.

The pub remains one of Vancouver's last live music venues, and is host to a variety of weekly events, special events, and bands.

The proletariat space allows local and out-of-town bands a space to create community. a space to meet old friends and new, to enjoy a pint alongside the existing regulars that have been coming in for years.

The drinks are cheap, the staff is awesome, and the bathrooms work.
The show, which was just added on his myspace page, starts at 9:00PM.

The Old Prince is to be Released in the States in June 30th

For all you hip hop heads in the US, grab a copy of The Old Prince when it drops on June 30th.

k-os @ the Commodore in Vancouver (Video)

Last night I hit up the K-OS show for free, it was part of his “Yes! Karma Tour” which meant everyone could enter for free and then make a donation after the show. K-OS is great live, his vocals are the same as if it was recorded which you don’t see much these days (ie T-Pain etc). He played classics like Heaven Only Knows, Emcee Murdah and new tracks like I Wish I Knew Natalie Portlan and 4 3 2 1. After he finished Natalie Portman he told the crowd “Youtube that right away and help a brother out” ha. For some fun at the end after introducing his bad to the crowd he said “And as you all know, I’m…nah just kidding but I had too”. Great show, great cause as well and they gave out a copy of the Yes! Remixes album to everyone who donated.

Thanks again for the video and small review. Everyone make sure to check out DP's #1 Kid CuDi fan site,, for all the newest videos, interviews, pics and updates. Also follow him on twitter too at

QUEST FOR GLORY: An Interview with Shad

By Lauren Eldridge (Vancouver Correspondent)

My first dose of Shad was on 21 February 2009 at the Biltmore Cabaret, and I’ve been addicted ever since. He is an emcee from London, Ontario, and has been living in Vancouver for over a year now. His shows present his energetic live personality, entertaining freestyle skills, and the unique ability to play guitar and rap simultaneously. What struck me at the concert was his sincere and down-to-earth presence, elevating him immediately to the rank of one of the most genuine people I had ever encountered. You get what you see, and you can’t help but love it. Shad says that the balance between being himself and being a performer is that the music is “still you, but it’s entertaining people and it’s having fun, and to me that’s inseparable.” This is especially evident in his lyrics, which have as much profound yet understated self-reflection as his conversation.

Shad’s awareness reaches much farther than self-reflection. He describes his song “I Heard You Had A Voice Like An Angel/Psalm 137” as his reflection on “an industry that is, to a great extent, damaging culture and damaging people, and yet the face of it is smiling, singing and dancing.” Although Shad does not grapple with identity issues as an artist, this ability to reflect on social issues allows him to be more insightful and intellectually stimulating than most artists in his category. The fact that his social commentary is performed as smooth rap allows audience to experience the songs in a more holistic sense. Shad says “that if you make music that people can appreciate not even on a number of levels, but if they can at least appreciate it on any level, then that’s great. Whether it’s just hearing it and melodically it sounds nice, or if it’s really getting into the core of it, then I think that’s cool.”

‘Cause I rap like it's my hobby / not a jobby-job all sloppy and off-key (“I Don’t Like To”).
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