Thursday, October 29, 2009

k-os at Stay Gold Tonight


Last Gang Records (Presenter)

With DJ sets from George Strombolopolous (CBC), Michael Williams (MuchMusic), Your Boy Brian (More Proof), K-OS (Universal).


A monthly event series where trendsetters from all avenues come out to hit the decks and share their favorite tunes with fans and music lovers alike. Stay Gold gives party-goers the chance to be united with a rare line-up of tastemakers through their love of music, and is a nod to those who stay true to their craft.


The last Thursday of every month.


206 Beverley St (Btwn College & Dundas). A rental hall and a neutral venue.


At any given time, there is a multitude of local and international creative talent in Toronto – actors, fashion designers, tv personalities, recording artists, dj’s, producers, you name it.

Our aim is to consistently put together DJ/performance lineups that have never been seen before, and host them in a non-traditional venue with no pre-determined crowd. The common bond between them will be the ethos of the event; they all ‘Stay Gold’.

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